Join the OrdinalsBot Affiliate Program and earn 15% from inscription referrals.

Generate your affiliate link below. Promote and start earning Bitcoin rewards! If referrals inscribe on special sats, you will also earn from that as well.

OrdinalsBot Referral

Affiliate Program FAQ

How do I check my referral earnings?
An area where you can check the progress of your earnings will be available soon.
How often do payouts happen?
Payouts are automated and will be triggered as soon as your earnings reach the threshold of 200k sats.
Do I make commission on rare sat inscriptions?
Yes, if any of your referrals inscribe onto rare sats you will also get a percentage of the additional fee.
Can I change my BTC receive address?
In such a case, we would recommend that you create a new referral link, however, if you really need to change, you can open a support ticket in discord.
Will it be 15% forever?
We cannot guarantee the referral scheme will always be 15%, it is subject to change at any time.