This FAQ is updated over time, check back for more info 👍


Should I use Bitcoin onchain or Lightning Network to pay?

We recommend that you use Lightning to pay for the inscription as they are instant and free. On chain Bitcoin payments can take much longer as they need to wait for 1-confirmation on Bitcoin.
You can use Cash App , Wallet of Satoshi or any other Lightning wallet to pay Lightning invoices.

Can I pay from an exchange?

Yes, however, please remember that all exchanges take a fee, so you will need to compensate for this and make sure you send the correct amount shown on the invoice.

What are your fees?

Inscribing ordinals is expensive - We recommend looking more into this before using this service. The larger the file, the more expensive the fee will be - we only add 0.00025 BTC + 10% as a service fee, the rest is Bitcoin Network fees.

What wallets can I use to pay?

You can use any BTC or Lightning wallet. The wallet you use to pay does not need to be the same as the one we sent your inscription to.

Is any way to increase fee rate after it has been sent?

No, you will need to select the fee rate you are happy with at the start. Lower fee means it will take longer to confirm, sometimes over a day in extreme cases.

What to do if I have underpaid for an order?

If you underpay due to any reason (exchange fees, miner fees etc.) your order status will show as underpaid and you'll be able to complete the payment or take a refund by following the link in the order checker.


Why is there a duplicate of my inscription?

Anyone can upload anything at any time via our service, we do not manage or maintain and link between what has been inscribed. We are also not connected in any way to projects who are minted on ordinals. We simply inscribe what you upload.

Can I receive multiple ordinals to 1 address?

It's perfectly fine to receive multiple ordinals to 1 address. You just need to be careful about doing coin control and making sure ordinals are safe when they're being moved.

I paid where is my inscription?

When your payment is confirmed, the bot will inscribe your Ordinal to an internal wallet, your order will then go into the delivery phase. You can use the order checker to see the current status of the delivery and set receive address if you haven't already.


How do I check the status of my order?

On the main page of the app, there is a form where you can input your order number to check the status of your order and set receive address if you haven't already.

What if I lost my order number?

If you lose your order number and need it to check your order, you will need to contact us on Discord.

Why is it taking so long to receive my inscription?

We inscribe your ordinal immediately as soon as we receive your payment however bitcoin blockchain prioritizes higher fee transactions. So if you've selected a low fee you may need to wait for a long time for inscription transaction to confirm depending on the state of the bitcoin mempool.

Can I pay with another coins?

We are Bitcoin-only but you are welcome to use (at your own risk) swap services that immediately exchange other coins to Lightning or onchain Bitcoin like boltz.exchange or fixedfloat.com