This FAQ is updated over time, check back for more info 👍


How do I check the status of my Order?

You can go to ordinalsbot.com/orders anytime to check the status of your order.

Should I share my Order ID?

No, your order ID is sensitive information; do not share it publicly, only with the OrdinalsBot Team in our Discord via a support ticket. We do not take responsibility for any negligence in keeping this private.

How do I find my Order ID?

You can find your Order ID by visiting ordinalsbot.com/orders. Please ensure you use the same machine and browser that you initially used to place your order.

Why is it taking so long to receive my inscription?

We look to inscribe your order as soon as we receive your payment, however Bitcoin blockchain prioritizes higher fee transactions, so there could be a delay as a result of us not receiving your payment in the next confirmed block or your inscription transaction not confirming in the next confirmed block.

Additionally, during periods of extreme high demand you may experience our internal queue system. During these periods, there is nothing you need to do, other than be patient as our system works through the orders.

Am I guaranteed an inscription I placed during a collection mint?

The availability of a collection (remaining files) is updated based on paid orders. Therefore, as long as your payment confirms in a timely manner, you stand a good chance of getting your order. Although given the nature of bitcoin and block confirmation, during high-profile mints there can sometimes be some overflow in the last confirmed block, and unfortunately not everyone gets their order. If this unfortunately happens to you, you’ll be able to collect a refund via our site (see refund section below).

My inscription transaction is stuck in the mempool, can I speed this up?

For users of Xverse or Leather wallet wishing to accelerate their transactions by boosting the fee’s, please proceed to ordinalsbot.com/cpfp. This feature allows you to conduct a Child Pays For Parent transaction to easily boost the fees Please note this will come at an additional cost.


Which wallets can I use to make a payment?

The simple answer is any. Although, you can currently only connect XVerse, Leather, and Unisat wallets. But if you want to use another wallet, do not connect a wallet and follow our simple order flow.

Can I pay from an exchange?

Yes, however, please remember that all exchanges take a fee, so you will need to compensate for this and make sure you send the correct amount shown on the invoice.

Should I use Bitcoin onchain or Lightning Network to pay?

Paying for Orders via Lightning does offer an advantage, as you do not need to wait for payment confirmation to take place and the inscription process begins immediately. You can use Cash App , Wallet of Satoshi or any other Lightning wallet to pay Lightning invoices. But ultimately it is down to each user's preference for making payment.


How do I submit a refund?

When checking the status of your Order, you may be presented with a red box explaining that unfortunately your order has been unsuccessful. Please provide your refund address into the red box and your refund will automatically be issued within 24 hours.

When do I get my refund?

Our refunds are paid our daily at 12am UTC, therefore if you’ve submitted a refund and haven’t received it immediately there is no need to open a support ticket.

What will I get refunded?

We refund the mint price, service fee, rare sats fee, and the inscription chain fee in full. Since the inscription transaction was not completed, these will be refunded in full, excluding a small fee to cover the refund transaction.